This Pre-ICO Could Be Amongst Most Newsworthy In 2022

Developing Story

The explosion of decentralized finance (DeFi) has unlocked new financial iterations that revolve around autonomy, speed and inclusion – a combination lacking in the traditional financial realm.

This is especially true for the budding decentralized exchange (DEX) sector, where users increasingly engage with autonomous markets anchored by blockchain technology.

A prime example of such a market is PancakeSwap, the BNB Chain (formerly Binance Smart Chain) variant of decentralized exchanges like UniSwap (UNI) and SushiSwap (SUSHI).

The BEP20 standard is essentially a checklist of functions new tokens must be able to perform in order to be compatible with the broader Binance ecosystem of dapps, wallets and other services.

Swap refers to exchanging one crypto asset for another, like swapping your BNB into another token. Finance Firm Strattners quitely revealed Strattners OneChain (S1C) and launched its own presale – pre-ICO – offering through its own facility. OneChain’s whitepaper mentions the establishment of an exchange and given the fact the OneChain team built their own swap facility might be an indication that they are building their technology proprietarily. According to the whitepaper, the offering price is set at $0.01 with 50 million tokens offered with a total supply of 1B token Strattners OneChain (S1C) is an investment banking project, and as the name implies, sponsored by Strattners. Their whitepaper shows that OneChain will be an exchange that focuses on listing coins, tokens, bonds, warrants, options, structured products, investment vehicles like SPACs and other alternative asset classes. S1C is a BEP20 token. BEP20 tokens are cryptocurrencies of protocols or networks built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC); or protocols compatible with the Binance Smart Chain.


How do Crypto Presales Work?

Those wondering how to invest in cryptocurrency for maximum gains may naturally move towards crypto presales due to their inherent price potential. Put simply, crypto presales are a way for development teams to raise capital and boost the ‘hype’ surrounding an upcoming crypto project. These presales occur before the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) takes place and usually offer tokens at a discounted rate.

Are Presale Cryptos a Good Investment?

Risk-seeking investors looking to make money with cryptocurrency may wish to place their capital into crypto presales due to the inherent discounts on token sales. However, can these presales be considered a good investment opportunity? Detailed below are four reasons why investors may wish to get involved in this area of the market:

Huge Price Potential

Naturally, crypto presales have huge value potential due to the discounted price point that tokens are offered at. These discounts are offered to entice early investors to provide capital for the project, allowing it to grow and achieve its roadmap. As a side effect, this usually means that the relevant token’s value will appreciate in tandem – which is why presales can be so lucrative.

Access to Innovative Ideas

The cryptocurrency market has undoubtedly become slightly saturated, with many projects offering similar use cases. However, presales provide access to innovative ideas that have not been seen before. Sleep Care ($SLEEP) is an excellent example of this, which we touched on earlier. This project offers a unique ‘sleep-to-earn’ mechanism that isn’t seen anywhere else in the market.


Become Part of a Growing Community

Many of the best new cryptocurrency projects get off the ground by building a solid community. The impact of retail traders cannot be understated – just look at GameStop for a prime example! By fostering a strong community, presales build hype and provide a platform for like-minded individuals to connect and form lasting relationships. 

Generate Passive Income

Finally, many of the best crypto presales to invest in will provide investors with scope to generate a passive income stream. The recent rise of ‘static rewards’ has offered a mutually beneficial way to facilitate regular income payments by implementing a tax on buy or sell transactions. Alternatively, many presale tokens also have a built-in staking mechanism, which tends to offer higher yields than traditional bank accounts.


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