OTC:SCNG Wall Street’s New Undiscovered Darling?

SC Holdings Corp. which trades as Strattner Group Corp. or Strattners (OTC:SCNG) is an alternative asset manager that gained a lot of shareholder confidence since its new CEO took over this failing company in 2020 and brought in his asset management firm Strattner Capital Management as a wholly owned subsidiary which makes money by structuring investments in equity, debt, credit and crypto through its investment funds. It is a sleeping giant with very little trading volume which is due to the fact that this low key CEO focuses on fundamentals and not hype. Yet, that focus on delivering fundamentals might become a hype on its own once wall street takes notice. Wall Street historically loved fundamental growth stories and maybe Strattners could be Wall Street’s new darling.

What followed was a year of restructuring and making some announcements to that effect but the street didn’t think that this finance manager would come in with such exceptional earnings on its annual report for 2021. The earnings kept coming in with first and second quarter revenue beating expectations again.

In conclusion,  earnings in Q4 2021 were $864,045 and the first two quarters of 2022 $90,000 and $265,000 respectively. On June 27th their market cap was $1.551,340 which means their revenue is almost as big as their market cap and we still have Q3 and Q4 ahead of us.



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