GBP/USD shines as stars align, UK inflation key to more gains

GBP/USD Weekly Forecast: Sterling shines as stars align, UK inflation key to more gains

Brexit tends to pound the pound – but now, relatively soothing news has helped send sterling higher. Alongside a moderate tapering path from the Fed, inflation concerns failed to stop cable’s climb. UK inflation stands out, as it could determine the BOE’s next decision. GBP/USD has been boosted by Brexit calm and clearer Fed path. UK inflation, the energy crunch and US politics are set to rock markets. Mid-October’s daily chart shows bears are holding onto their lead. The FX Poll is pointing to a reversal of recent gains. Read more…

GBP/USD pulls back from 1.3775, remains steady at one-month highs

The British pound has rallied on Friday to break above 1.3750, reaching 1.3775 for the first time since mid-September. The pair has appreciated about 0.65% in the best daily performance over the last few weeks and is set to close the week with a substantial advance after having appreciated nearly 2.5% so far in October. Read more…

GBP/USD Forecast: Near-term bullish outlook remains intact

The GBP/USD pair failed to make a daily close above 1.3700 on Thursday but buyers are not discouraged as the pair seems to have regathered its bullish momentum on Friday. At the time of press, GBP/USD was trading at its highest level in three weeks above 1.3730. GBP/USD has regained its traction in the early European session. UK’s Frost and EU’s Šefčovič will discuss Northern Ireland protocol on Friday. US T-bond yields continue to impact dollar’s valuation. Read more…

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