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Lattice Exchange, a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that connects all blockchain networks, today announced the release of Lattice Launchpad, a one-stop shop for blockchain projects to take their business to the next level.

Governed by the LTX token, Lattice Exchange will soon migrate to Constellation’s near feeless and infinitely scalable Hypergraph Network.

The Launchpad further serves as an essential step for other projects building on the Hypergraph’s secure communications protocol (HGTP), including those currently being incubated by Constellation, as well as participants in the Constellation Flight Program cohort which launched at the end of July 2021.

Lattice Launchpad welcomes token projects based on alternative networks as well as on L_0 state channels, the token standard of Constellation Network, which tap into Hypergraph’s infinitely scalable DAG architecture. State channels are serverless and run in a distributed, decentralized way, making them faster, more versatile, and more scalable than Ethereum smart contracts.

Key features of the platform include:

  • Transparency is achieved by using smart contracts that are stored on-chain, and allocations are visible to everyone.
  • Consistent smart contract auditing on versions to prevent ‘backdoors’ into a project’s allocation.
  • Holders of Lattice’s LTX token will be able to submit their LTX tokens, called staking, to secure a spot in a listed project’s private pre-sale.
  • In addition to staking LTX to secure a spot in the private pre-sale, the community of LTX holders democratically governs the onboarding and listing of projects, as well as their development through the governance platform.
  • Funding is ultimately done using ETH or stablecoins (USDC/USDT).
  • Launchpad project tokens are distributed democratically, rather than just to a handful of participants, allowing for sustainable and organic growth.
  • Integrated KYC/AML solution through Veriff. Customizable depending on project jurisdiction and needs.

First Project Listing: Alkimi Exchange

The first project to be listed and funded on the Launchpad is Alkimi Exchange, which officially unlocked its staking allocations on Lattice Launchpad as of August 11, 2021, at 19:45 PM UTC.

Alkimi Exchange began working with Constellation’s incubation team in March 2021 with the goal of disrupting the now $340B antiquated digital advertising industry.

As a result, Alikimi is building the first decentralized ad exchange on top of Constellation’s Hypergraph, leveraging the network’s scalability, speed, and low transaction fees. Alkimi will use ADS to reward users, publishers, and advertisers for participating in the advertising exchange.

The ADS Token and Lattice LaunchPad

Users of the Lattice Exchange that hold the LTX token will be able to use the token on the Lattice LaunchPad to reserve an allocation of Alkimi’s ADS token in their private pre-sale.

“We have been searching for a feeless, high speed, and infinitely scalable solution to host the digital advertising auction on the blockchain, and Constellation’s Hypergraph makes this possible. As the first project incubated by Constellation, the decision to launch via Lattice was a straightforward one to make as we wouldn’t be in this position without the Constellation community.”
– Constellation, Ben Putley, CEO of Alkimi Exchange

In the coming months, there is a pipeline of new projects to be released on the Lattice Launchpad.

“The Lattice LaunchPad is the first touchpoint to connect quality projects with crypto communities and traders. This will pave the way for projects to discover the Lattice Exchange and for their tokens to be freely traded without high gas fees prone to other DeFi platforms.”
– Ben Jorgesen, CEO of Constellation and Lattice Exchange

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