AmBank refreshes signature priority banking Visa Infinite credit card-i offering

KUALA LUMPUR: AmBank announced that it has refreshed its Signature Priority Banking Visa Infinite Credit Card-i, exclusively for its signature priority banking customers.

AmBank’s Retail Banking managing director, Aaron Loo said the new card provides the bank’s priority banking clients with enhanced lifestyle offerings.

“We recognise the shift in spending behaviour of our priority banking customers and have redesigned the card’s benefits to cater to the present norm and lifestyle,” he said in a statement today.

The new AmBank Signature Priority Banking Visa Infinite Credit Card-i offers cashbacks of up to five per cent of the users’ monthly spending, while clients with assets under management with AmBank will benefit from a higher cashback.

Meanwhile, current AmBank Signature Priority Banking Visa Infinite Islamic cardholders will see their AmBonus Points and Lounge Access privileges converted into cashbacks, and they will also be able to enjoy other exclusive benefits the card offers. – Bernama

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