Forex News

USD Upside Stalling, Risk of Larger Setback

USD FUNDAMENTAL HIGHLIGHTS:USD Losing its Appeal TemporarilyEyes on August and March Peaks for SupportAs risk appetite remains buoyant and while commodity prices continue to soar,...

The technical picture for the major currency pairs going into the new trading week

What are the charts saying for the major currency pairs.Heading into the new trading week, what key technical levels are in play that traders around...

US stocks finished on the right foot this week, its best since July

The Dow Jones Industrial, the S&P 500, and the Nasdaq Composite posted gains between 0.7% and 1.6% on Friday. US Retail Sales surprised to the...

Bank Earnings Trigger Risk-on Mood

Key Talking Points:Global stocks rally as US earnings push back stagflation concernsInvestors must be aware of inflation effects in different sectorsGlobal stocks have rallied significantly...

US stocks continue their run to the upside.

The NASDAQ back above its 200 hour moving average. S&P running away from its 50 day moving averageThe major US stock indices continue to move higher....

NZD/USD appreciates further, nearing 0.7100

The kiwi extends gains beyond 0.7040 to approach 0.7100 area. Risk appetite is supporting the NZD against a weaker USD. NZD/USD: Breach of 0.6980 might...

Crypto News

Celsius raises $400M, and Rari’s 7.5K% yields, Oct. 11—15

Welcome to the latest edition of Cointelegraph’s decentralized finance (DeFi) newsletter.In a week where Rari Capital achieved the $1billion TVL milestone, read on to discover...

14% of Americans Want Crypto Rewards for Using Their Credit Cards – Bitcoin News

During the last few years, prepaid cards that offer cryptocurrency rewards have grown popular and a number of digital asset payment cards offer these types...

Bitcoin “Supertrend” Begins As Buy Signals Stack On All Major Timeframes

Bitcoin price is above $60,000 and bears are in disbelief. But they shouldn’t be, as bulls have long been in control of the trend. It had...

What are they doing now?

The rapid growth of mainstream attention toward cryptocurrencies has forced the hands of numerous governments to create their digital alternatives. Over the past few years,...

Impossible to Run Away From Cryptocurrencies Says Zimbabwe Finance Minister – Emerging Markets Bitcoin News

Zimbabwe’s increasingly pro-crypto finance minister, Mthuli Ncube, recently told his colleagues in government that it is now impossible to run away from cryptocurrencies. Ncube said...

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